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Welcome to Specialty Pharmacy's web site.
Here you can find out about who we are, and what we do. You can also ask us any question you might have about pharmacy and special needs that you might have.

Who We Are
We are a traditional pharmacy practice that specializes in customized prescription compounding and natural pharmacy. We Paperspecialize in helping those few patients in every medical practice who have not responded to traditional treatment, or who have a unique medical circumstance.

What We Do
We are able to help these patients because all of our medications are made to order. So that instead of being bound to whatever is available commercially, a doctor and patient have the options of customizing the medication to meet the patient's needs. Our specially trained pharmacists use only pharmaceutical-grade chemicals, when they make a compound, so the active ingredients in the medication are the same as the commercial product, but the dosage, or method of delivery may have changes. For more details, go to the Services page.

A B O U T  T H I S  S I T E

Services Page
This page contains a detailed listing of our capabilities and services.

Note to Doctors Page
This page is geared toward those in the medical profession. We are interested in helping you make your practice the best that it can be.

Questions & Answers Page
Expand your knowledge - this page contains interesting and educational facts about pharmacy. There is also a page of frequently asked questions; if you don't find the answer there, you can ask one of your own.

Contact Us Page
Need to talk to someone in person, or want to know our mailing address? This page contains all the contact information you will need.

Site Map Page
If you get lost, this page contains a complete map of this web site, so you can jump to any page.

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